XFINITY My Account App Reviews

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Literally the best app ever!!!!!

Thank you Xfinity for having the best and easiest app ever!!!!!!

Easy to use

Easy to use


Really good App. Makes everything easier like paying the monthly payment and also easy way to check your account. A quick app that gives responses immediately.

Great App!!

I love paying my bill with my phone!!

Not a good tech support

Service was interrupted middle of the day and tech support agent doesnt help much. Now i have no internet service whole week because they cannot fix it until technician visit my house to fix it. That was it. I basically have to wait until who knows how long... Not recommended comcast to other people.


Great app to help me reset each new box I get because Comcasts service is so poor. Please improve the network!


I wanted to make a payment; however payment format is credit or debit card only. I wanted to pay by check. From my limited observation, this app is unnecessary. I will explore it more and then decide to keep or delete. Update-some internet interruption created a problem with the app; it doesnt recognize my username and password. This issue affects the Xfinity connect and home app. I dont use the app to make payments, the primary use is to reboot my cable box when the tv remote doesnt work. Depending on the time it takes to fix it, I will decide to keep the app or discard it. Xfinity apps have too many problems and too many repeat problems.

Not working

It says device status not available. Useless app now. I used this before and it was working great. Moved and they messed up my account and since then the app never worked for me.

Great app

Very streamlined, better than website

Love it, easy to use

I love the simplicity of this app & ease of use. Its nice to make changes to your WiFi from the app like SSID name & password. Also you can turn off or on the xfinity wifi your gateway automatically shares for other xfinity customers.

Im Happy

I have nothing to say

Much better!

Thank you for the interface update with options that Ive been waiting for!

Very convenient

Love that I can control my tv from anywhere.

Great update

Nice to see the data usage so plainly.

Its gotten better

The app view before wasnt intuitive but the recent updates have helped that. Still needs a way for users that have multiple homes to be able to use the application under one user name. That way payments and all other features of the apps can be used easily.


Terrible app poor service OVER priced like you wouldnt believe so lucky there isnt any other option where I live or Id be GONE

Needs more functionality

It would be nice if users had the ability to schedule payments for certain dates. Also, a ISP test within the app would be nice as well, so users can test their internet speed to ensure that the modem is working properly.

App does nothing

It has my wrong service address. Doesnt allow me to pay, change or update anything through the app. If I could rate it zero stars I would. How can a company this big, be so disorganized with all they do. If any part of this app worked at all, it would be amazing. iPhone 6 user

So convenient!

Takes seconds to pay the bill, troubleshoot Internet/cable, or get in touch with a representative.


How about u spend some of that $$ you have been ripping out of my wallet and actually provide a decent service.

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